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  1. Coyote Avatar

    This is the first post, just to test, and to say what a wonderful person Kin was, and that I will personally miss him dearly. I will post more later.

  2. Savyna Avatar

    There are moments where it hasn’t sunken in and I still find myself thinking or saying to myself “let me share this with him because he’d get a kick out of it” then I remember and find myself getting quiet. i wish I had something better to say. Went out and ran some errands and thought of you and how you liked to sort the day.

  3. Coyote Avatar

    I knew Kin for a long time, we coded together on many projects.
    The time spent in the private chats was precious to me and we had many a laughter at the capture of each other;s slight mistakes. it was a great comradery.

    Kin was always there to lend me a hand when I needed one with my scripts as well.
    Was by far the better scripter.

    And to lend a hand to others as well in other chats when he could. Evidenced by many across other networks including the now defunct Idlechat.

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